Our education solutions are as complex as your requirements. From our in-depth understanding and many years of experience in the education sector, we know the significance of well-balanced room acoustics for an ambience that promotes learning.

Our developments for the areas of corridors and escape routes, classrooms and lecture halls, teacher’s rooms and secretariats, function rooms, music rooms, laboratories and school kitchens, wet rooms and sanitary facilities offer 360° solutions tailored to the needs of target groups.


Whether in telephone conversations with customers, meetings with visitors or busy waiting rooms: the acoustic requirements of administration buildings offer a number of different tasks.

With our tailor-made solutions for optimized room acoustics with acoustic elements for walls and ceilings, we help administrative departments achieve a pleasant and focussed working method even with a large number of visitors.


Our special ceilings in the healthcare sector meet the highest requirements for hygiene and cleanliness, contributing towards a room atmosphere that is holistically calming and promotes recuperation.

We can provide you with optimised solutions for reception areas, treatment rooms, hospital rooms, laboratories, operating theaters, sanitary rooms and storerooms, corridors and escape routes. Our expert service team is happy to help you choose the right ceiling solution for you.

Hotel & Restaurant

The requirements of the hotel and gastronomy sector are as varied as our solutions. Thanks to our many years of experience and in-depth industry knowledge, we present you with an extensive solution catalogue for the sub-areas of hotel rooms, conference areas, receptions and lobbies, bars, restaurants and cafés.

Individual solutions for all connected damp and first-aid rooms, corridors and escape routes complete our offering.


The right ceiling system provides the framework for a perfect presentation: in boutiques, department stores, supermarkets or specialist shops, optimal room acoustics – with a visually unobtrusive ceiling – give you the opportunity to focus on your goods and services. Our system solutions for retail naturally comply with all industry requirements.

The recommended sound absorption, acoustic climate and resistance to fire of our products meet the highest standards. The purist forms of our products mean that they also integrate optimally into your individual retail spaces.

Manufacturing & Production

From production areas to storage areas and meeting rooms: OWA solutions for manufacturing companies are specially tailored to the highest requirements for sound and fire protection and are essential components of your company’s productivity and the protection of your staff.

Our wide range supports individual room functions with a clear focus placed on longevity, simple repair and exchange and combines this with our principle of sustainability and protecting natural resources.